Manatee 3 Gun

Held on the 2nd and 5th Saturday of every month


Date, Time and Cost


  • 8:15am Sign in

  • 8:45am Safety Briefing

  • $25 Fee for Club Members

  • $30 Fee for Non-members


What is 3 Gun? (Rifle, Shotgun and Pistol)


We used a blended approach of the major organization’s rules. As we collect club fees we try to add new and different equipment to help make the matches fun.

  • Matches are designed, setup and run by NRA Range Safety Officers.

  • Our matches are very “new 3 gunner” friendly.

  • We use at least 4 or 5 different ranges during the match so a shooting cart or wagon is helpful to transport all your weapons and equipment.

  • Sign in and mandatory safety briefing @ 600-yd range, and moves between Area 51 range, 600-yd range and Cowboy Action bays during event.

  • For events that occur on the 5th Saturday of a given month, an additional sniper stage is conducted on the 600-yd range.

  • Chamber flags are required for all rifles and shotguns. Reloads are allowed as long as they are safe.




  • Pistols .38 Special/9MM or larger, No magnums, jacketed OK

  • Shotguns 20 gauge or larger

  • Shotgun Ammo-#6 shot or lighter; Lead shot only

  • Rifle Ammo-.223 or larger, NO green-tip, armor-piercing, steel-core, tracer or incendiary

  • Holsters must cover the trigger guard and securely hold the pistol. Holsters must be rigid enough to allow for re-holstering with one hand (the floppy fabric holsters are unsafe) and retain a pistol when vigorous movement is involved.

  • No cross draw or shoulder holsters.

  • Round count estimate – 120 rifle, 120 pistol, 75 shotgun (#6, 7.5 or 8 shot) and 5 slugs.

  • Magazines/speed loaders capable of a minimum of 40 rounds/stage for Pistol

  • Eye & Ear protection is required for all shooters and observers


Our 3 gun club website is  We keep it updated with information and match results.