5-Stand News

Congratulations to Jason Ridenour on a Perfect Score!

Jason Ridenour went 25/25 on the 5-stand green course!

Congratulations to our MGAC Spring Classic Winners!

Thanks to everyone attending the first MGAC Spring Classic match! It was a glorious spring day and we all enjoyed the camaraderie and sportsmanship. Congratulations to the top three shooters! 1st Place Steve Bade (center), 2nd Place Ted Farley (right), 3rd Place Bob Borsari (left).

Steve Bade Wins First 25/25 Medal on new 5 Stand Courses!

If you love hunting, this is your course! Imagine that you are walking through a field on a beautiful day with your favorite shotgun, and suddenly a pair of quail break cover and fly up before you! You take two shots and bring them down. Then three more birds fly up. Can you get them all? We think you can! This course can be shot with a semi-auto or an over/under shotgun. Join the fun and ask your trapper for the COVEY COURSE!

Bill Prater, our Shotgun Committee Co-chair, has really outdone himself resetting the five stand. We threw 23 rounds yesterday for the first time on these courses last weekend and received rave reviews. Comments ranged from “WTH, very challenging.” “MGAC 5 Stand rocks!” to “Didn’t hit much, but that’s the most fun I have had in years. I’ll be back”.

The changes include:

  • Crossers that bank then dive like ducks landing
  • A high tower shot that screams over your head
  • 2 rabbits now that make for very interesting true pairs
  • A low, 5’ off the ground Desert Gable Quail like shot
  • True pairs that require quick reactions
  • Beautiful teal like shots that rise and turn toward you
    And much more

Come on out this weekend and try your luck!

Steve Bade does it again on the 5-Stand!

Steve Bade, who has gone 25/25 four times on our 5-Stand Green Course, just went 25/25 on our Blue Course! Keep it up Steve and be our first Golden Rabbit winner on our Black Course!


Trophies and Prizes

Each shooter will shoot the Green, Blue and Black courses – 75 shots. Top three will win a trophy AND:

  • 1st place               Ten free rounds of MGAC 5-Stand
  • 2nd place              Seven free rounds of MGAC 5-Stand
  • 3rd place               Five free rounds of MGAC 5-Stand

Entry fee os $25, which covers your three rounds! Match details coming soon! The 5-Stand courses will be finalized for the 4th of July weekend. After that, they will not change. Practice makes perfect so come join us Friday thru Sunday!

FYI this is a fun match for beginner and intermediate levels shooters. It is not an NSCA-sanctioned match.


Bob Bosari, 1st time medalist on the Blue Course!
Vance Bauer, 1st time medalist on the Green Course!
Bert Zinkland is our latest shooter to go 25/25 on our five stand. The day was hot but apparently Bert was hotter- congratulations! Bert is also out Shotgun Committee Chairman.


Hit 25 out of 25 targets on our Green course and receive the smiling “FERRARI ORANGE Medal”.

Hit 25 out of 25 targets on our Blue course and receive “LAMBORGHINI BLUE Medal“.

For the most discerning of sportsmen, go 25 for 25 on our black course and receive the “GOLDEN BUNNY Medal”.

Medals are on display in the office. Earn yours today!