600-yd Bipod/Prone Steel Gong Match

Every third Sunday of the month @ 8:30 am – 2:30 pm

  • All shooters must check-in at the clubhouse, pay their daily fee, and receive a wristband before proceeding to the 600-yard range. (clubhouse will be open at 8:00 am)
  • Upon arrival at the 600-yard range shooters will present their 600-qualification card and sign in
    pay their $20.00 buy-in fee and sign in for squadding.
  • First-place finisher will receive 1/2 of the buy-in pot, second and third-place finishers will receive 2/3 and 1/3 respectively of the remaining half of the buy-in pot.
  • In the case of a tie, the shooters will alternately shoot until there is a miss and a clear winner is determined.
  • All shooters must be signed in by 8:45 am
  • 8:45 am we begin with the match brief and everyone receives score card and squad info.
  • Squads will consist of 3 to 4 members- shooter, spotter(s), scorekeeper.
  • Gongs will be painted for each relay change if there is more than one relay.
  • If more than one relay, relays will alternate after 10 rounds for score.
  • Spotters may only assist shooters during sighters and may only call hit or miss during competition shots for score.
  • Shooters will have 5 minutes to set their mat, squeeze bag, ammunition, and rifle on the firing line before the “Shooters ready?” is heard. No other equipment allowed on the firing line.
  • Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot 5 sighters once and only before their first string for score.
  • Shooters will have 5 minutes to shoot each of their strings of 5 rounds for score.
  • Shooters must stop shooting by the Cease Fire command, incomplete shots in a string are misses.

Verbal commands are as follows:

  • Shooters ready? (shooters may not load a round in the chamber, magazines may be loaded but not inserted in firearm)
  • Commence firing! (shooters may now load and fire)
  • Cease firing!(unload all firearms, insert chamber flags, engage safeties and step back to allow firearms to be examined by RSO’s)


  • No sleds or vices- rifle bipods must be foldable. Bipods are not allowed to have elevation or windage adjustments. Rifle cant adjustment is ok.
  • Rear bags must be the squeeze type. No monopods, no slider bags, or bags with a built-in “V”. Shooters are not allowed to use more than one rear bag at a time. The squeeze bag must sit on the shooting mat or on the ground.
  • No 50 BMG or 338 Lapua Mag. Calibers must be .30 caliber or smaller.
  • Any shooter that loads or fires before the Commence Firing command or fires after the Cease Fire command or shoots the wrong target during the competition will be disqualified.
  • All spotting scopes are to remain behind the shooters.

If you are not sure about any procedure or equipment, please ASK!

Match Director- Billy Franklin, III.