MGAC 5-Stand SOP

Adopted Sept. 21, 2019 by Board of Directors

5.2.4    Shotguns:

Use of shotguns of any type, action and gauge is allowed.

Any legal short barreled shotgun or pistol grip shotgun is allowed; however, use will be restricted to the dedicated special purpose range.

                                    This SOP shall be amended from time to time to include separate

                                    rules to accommodate other shotgun sports as they may be


5.2.5  Shotgun Sports:  5-Stand  Authority

                                    Shotgun sports are operated by the Shotgun Chairman under the

                                    authority of the MGAC Board of Directors and the Executive                                              Committee.  Shot and gun Requirements: 

                                       .410 – 12 gauge only

                                      #7.5 – 9 shot only

                                     Shotguns must have a full stock (folding or fixed) and a minimum

                                     barrel length of 18.5 inches.  General Rules:

1. All shooters will sign in at the Front Office, using the normal waiver and sign in process.  Shooting fees will be paid at the office.

2. The Shotgun Chairman will appoint range officers for the shotgun area.  A Range Officer must be on duty in the shotgun area anytime that throwing clays with automatic throwing machines is taking place.  This RO may also serve as the Trapper.  An orange high visibility vest or hat must be worn for easy identification.

3. Eye and Ear protection is required for all shooters. Spectators inside a designated shooting line or following a squad must have ear protection. Ear plugs are available at the office.

4. Breeches must remain open until the shooter is in the shooting position.  Double barrel and over/under shotguns may have the action closed during cart transport and in designated racks. When carried double barrel and over/under shotguns will have the breech open.

5. All guns must remain unloaded until shooter is standing in the shooting position, with barrel pointed downrange. 

6. Magazines will not be loaded beyond the expected course of fire.  If a single target will be thrown, only load 1 shell.  If shooting a pair, load 2 shells. Never load more than 2 shells.  Exception: when a 3-shot competition is approved by the Shotgun Chairman.

7.  If the shot cannot be completed, the live round will be ejected.  The gun must be fully unloaded before the shooter leaves the shooting position. 

8. If a thrower needs service, the Trapper will call “Range Cold”.  All guns will be unloaded and returned to the rack.  No one may touch any gun when the range is cold.  When the issue is resolved, Trapper will call “Range Hot”; shooters may retrieve their shotguns and return to the shooting positions.

9.  Cleaning rods will be provided on each range.  In the event of a misfire, the barrel of the gun must be visually inspected for obstruction and cleared.

10.  Any shooter, trapper, scorer or spectator must call “Range Cold” if any condition is noted that is unsafe or requires maintenance. No one may touch any gun when the range is cold.

11.  An standard emergency kit must be available on the line when the 5-stand is in operation.  Sport Specific procedures:

5-Stand: Gun racks are provided.  All guns will be placed in racks upon entering the  stand area, and must remain in rack until carried to the shooting positions.  Equipment Problems:

Only authorized personnel are allowed to service equipment. 

Before loading any automatic throwing machine, the machine will be disarmed according to manufacturer’s operating manual. 

Before any inspections or routine maintenance are begun, the machine will be disarmed and its power source will be disconnected and removed.

If repairs are necessary, the machine will be disarmed, power source disconnected and the throwing spring’s tension released before maintenance begins.