Minors & Inexperienced Shooters SOP

Effective July 25, 2020

Minors on the Range

  1. Minors must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  2. All minors must have parent/guardian sign waiver with written confirmation of minors age. (signed waiver with minor’s DOB)
  3. All minors are only allowed to shoot under parent/guardian’s supervision. Parent or Guardian must be within arm’s reach of the minor any time they are operating a firearm.
  4. Minors are required to wear the appropriate wrist band for proper age bracket identification.
  5. No minors under the age of 6 are allowed on any firing line or shooting area.
  6. Minors ages 6-7 are allowed as observers only on the firing line; and only when they are accompanied by their non-shooting parent or guardian.
  7. RSO’s always have the right to stop a shooter for any reason.

Minors Ages 8-11

  1. Allowed to shoot 22 caliber rimfire, air, and BB rifles only.
  2. Pistols are not allowed.
  3. No rapid fire.
  4. Maximum distance is 100 yards.

Minors Ages 12-17

  1. Not limited by distance or firearm configuration. (i.e. rifle or pistol)
  2. Shooters ages 12-17 are prohibited from shooting magnum pistol loads. Shooters must be able to safely operate, sight, and shoot firearms.

Inexperienced & First Time Shooters

  1. Always learn proper grip, sight alignment, and safety practices with an unloaded firearm.
  2. Shooters should always dry fire before the first shot.
  3. For the first shot only load one round into the magazine or firearm. (if proficient they may continue)
  4. For the next shots only load two rounds into the magazine or firearm. (if proficient they may continue)
  5. For the next group of shots load three rounds into the magazine or firearm. (if proficient they may continue)
  6. After the shooter has successful fired the sequence of rounds, they may proceed with fully loaded magazines.